Breath of the Wild – That Ending Though…

botw4.pngI want to start out by saying that I have thoroughly loved every inch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and although, the main quest has been completed in its entirety, I know that there is just so much more to unlock and discover before I can put it down for good. I am a huge fan of the Zelda series and so far there hasn’t been one game in the series that has been a let down, and Breath of the Wild is freakin’ AMAZING! Spoilers Ahead!


Despite what people think, I believe the phase one of final fight with Gannon is perfect, capturing everything you have been through thus far, and throwing it all at you in one big swoop. It’s a reminder, that no matter how dark the game gets or how challenging it may seem, you’ve been through it all before and Calamity Gannon is something that you can overcome! I obviously entered the fight geared up with Ancient Armour, the Master Sword, a plethora of home cooked meals and Shields to last you a lifetime. It is safe to say that my horrendous ‘parrying skills’ resulted in me leaving the fight with no shields left…

e519a51c5a90a376293daedbe615108aPhase 2 involves Beast Gannon in its true form, whilst you ride on horseback, wielding the Bow of Light. It gave me a huge sense of nostalgia from Ocarina of Time & Twilight Princess – my favourite Zelda Games. However riding around, shooting Beast Gannon with arrows, although it only took a short while, became tedious very quickly and even though the beast itself was on a huge scale, I didn’t feel as though there was any sense of urgency. I felt Calamity Gannon was a lot scarier and more threatening than Beast Gannon.

Once you’ve completed such task, you are of course taken to a cut scene where Zelda finally reveals herself and destroys Gannon! Then of course comes the final cutscene which I can’t help but admit Nintendo, I am THOROUGHLY DISAPPOINTED IN! And here’s why…


So over the course of the game, I have risked my life rescuing the 4 Divine Beasts and I’ve

traveled all over Hyrule in search for all my missing memories whilst being battered and  outright murdered time and time again by Guardian Stalkers and various monsters around the region, and you reward me with the worst ending ever?!?! The ending was so poor, I actually don’t remember much of it. It lasts a grand total of 20 seconds and involves Zelda asking if you remember her… that is basically it. And yes, before you all art commenting, I did also watch the post credit cutscene too and THAT WAS AWFUL! Thank god I freed all the Divine Beasts and unlocked all my memories because I ended up watching the extended ‘True’ ending that reveals Zelda has lost her powers. Thats it though. For a game that is so packed with content and has shaped the mould for future games, the final cutscenes were horrendous. I literally finished the game about 15 minutes ago and straight away I opened my laptop because I needed to write about it!!

Let me know your opinions on the ending of the game; from the boss fight, to the post credit cutscenes! I want your views!


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