Breath of the Wild is a GIANT LEAP for Nintendo!

A couple of months ago, we saw the release of Nintendos new flagship home console – the Nintendo switch – and amongst a pretty poor selection of launch titles, was the beauty that is… The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


So far I want to say that whilst trying to balance game time and work time, I have still managed to plug around 72 hours into the game, which I know isn’t a lot, but when you’re juggling work and play, 72 hours is pretty impressive! Whilst I am still yet to complete the game, I have experienced enough of BOTW to make a judgement and I can honestly say that the extra 2 years we waited for its release was WELL WORTH IT! This instalment in the Zelda series, breaks all moulds that previous games have followed, putting Link in an open world environment and removing the various big dungeons, and replacing them with small puzzles called Shrines.


The game design, from the storyline to the graphics is stunning, and whilst there are a few minor problems with the game, they can be easily overlooked as you’re too busy being mesmerised by what BOTW has to offer. Of course, it still remains that you have to save the Princess from Gannon, but instead of spoon-feeding you the storyline, there are so many secrets you must uncover and each time you do, they give you an insight into relationships, events and how you came to be in the situation you are now.



BOTW takes all the good stuff from previous Zelda games and mixes it with games such as Skyrim to create a perfect formula which no other Zelda game has been able to achieve… Look out Ocarina of  Time, you make have just been knocked off your pedestal! If you haven’t yet, go pick up a Switch/Wii U and grab a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I promise you won’t regret it…



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