Stardew Valley is STILL BEAUTIFUL!!!

So 6 days ago, I started posting on this blog again, now that I am more settled into my new job, I am able to create more free time to enjoy games such as Pokemon, Zelda and of course, not forgetting Stardew Valley. Funnily enough, following on from my original post about Stardew Valley, I seemed to have put the game down for a few months whilst I focused on work.

Well it’s safe to say that ‘Layla’ is back to looking after ‘Pancake Farm’ and all is well! Even after putting the game down for so long, I still find myself experiencing new secrets & enjoying it even more than I did the first time. I’m currently on Fall, Year 2 and as Stardew Valley farmers go… Year 2 isn’t that special, considering the hard core fans have made it to year 50 and surprisingly, the in game characters haven’t aged a day since we first met them!!


For anyone that is uninitiated to Stardew Valley, you need to be. What started out as a small game on Steam, has turned into something huge and with its recent release on Xbox One & Playstation 4, you have no excuse to not be able to play it! WARNING, you will get hooked and your life will be spent on this game! I currently have 60+ hours plugged into this game, and yet it still doesn’t feel like its enough, especially when you compare it to the 420+ hours I’ve played Pokemon X for!

Stardew Valley perfectly combines farming simulator with RPG and results in a game that is loved by all its fans! Forget Harvest Moon, SV has taken over!


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