The Legends of X, Y & Z

Today, t250px-716xerneashe episode, XYZ Special: The Legends of X, Y & Z aired and I have just had the absolute pleasure of viewing it! The episode tells a story that is unknown to fans of the anime or video games, explaining the importance of Xerneas, Yveltal & Zygarde, whilst giving it a touching and meaningful narrative for viewers to follow. I won’t go into detail so not to spoil the tale, but I wanted to express my opinions!

The Legends of X. Y & Z is a wonderful episode – full of lore, excitement and action250px-717yveltal, however something very minor that ruined it for me, & I can’t quite let it go that easy! The opening credits of this episode were those of the XYZ anime, and for me, as a story that doesn’t have connection with Ash Ketchum & his adventures, I felt that maybe they should’ve developed an alternate opening sequence or not had one at all like they did in the Mega Evolution Specials. After an intriguing and enticing beginning, this kind of disconnected me with what was going on and I spent the remainder of the episode wondering why the writers chose to recycle an old opening…

I have too say though, I love the story, I love that it’s new and I love that after a brilliant couple of seasons in Kalos following Ash, we break away from that and learn something about the lore, but I can’t quite grasp why the writers introduced a new myth/legend? Viewers and players are familiar with AZ’s 250px-718zygardestory as it has been described both in game, and via the 5 minute short Pokemon Generations Youtube series, but surely it would have made more sense to animate his story than create a new one? As much as I loved the story they had created, I can’t help but feel like I expected AZ’s story in full rather than condensed into 5 minutes, and I think that would have personally satisfied me more. Tell me your opinions – I want to hear what you thought of the story!

Overall the episode was great and it actually felt like a set up for an upcoming movie! I just wish it was longer than 20 minutes because the way it was directed and animated was bloomin’ fantastic and the narration really gave it a dramatic and intense feel. When they break away from the mainstream anime, I can’t help but love it. Sometimes Ash’s journey can get a bit tedious, especially when they add filler episodes to pass the time between gym battles and other important events, so specials are a great way to keep my love for the TV series going!


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