Pokemon Sun & Moon… Is it Replayable?

So… It is just under 2 months since the release of Pokemon Sun & Moon around the world, & I think we can all agree that it certainly was worth the wait! The game is brimming with content, full of: new Pokemon, places to explore and a story that had you gripped from the moment you started the game. I’m even going to go so far as to say that Sun & Moon surpassed my initial expectations by a mile and has set the bar for future adventures in the Pokemon world. For a bit of enjoyment I recently looked at the playing times on my 3DS, and it turns out (quite embarrassingly) I have played Pokemon X for a whopping 478 hours – not to mention Pokemon AS for 207 hours! That’s 685 hours or 28 and a half days! Wowza!

Which brings me to this…

After playing Pokemon Sun for a total of 43 hours so far, I still haven’t discovered everything the game has to offer and I will continue building up those hours on that save file for years to come, but since then, I have purchased Pokemon Moon in the hope of experiencing the game once more, but enjoying the differences that the version exclusives have to offer. So far I have only played the game for 7 hours, I’ll be honest, most of which was spent deleting my data and starting again. I find that because the story of Sun & Moon is full of so many twists & surprises, that once you have played it through, it’s difficult to find the will to replay that same story again… all the anticipation of ‘what’s going to happen next’ has gone. I also can’t help feeling slight nostalgic & wondering whether the addition of Pokemon Gyms would have been better as fulfilling challenges like collecting ingredients and finding a Pokemon don’t personally interest me, and completing these tasks for a second time round seems tedious and boring meaning I can’t seem to get past the first Grand Trial without turning my DS off. For me, a few months are going to have to pass before I can pick up Moon & play it right the way through & of course not everyone’s opinions are the same, so I’m interested to hear what you think? Comment below with whether you think Pokemon Sun & Moon has that ‘replayability factor’


*Featured image belongs to Nintendo/Game Freak*

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